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Have you ever walked into a clothing store, stared at the racks, and walked out because you have no idea how to dress for your body type?

Have you recently lost weight and are now struggling with the idea of purchasing new clothes for your shrinking body?

Are you unaware of the newest trends, colors, and clothing styles and would like to have someone assist you in making smart choices... and for less?

Let me teach you how to shop for yourself, determine which items in your closet you need to keep and revamp, which to toss, and how to do it all for a fraction of the typical department store prices. I can show you how to shop with coupons, which stores are best for what you're looking for, websites, etc.

Whether you're wanting to revamp your current wardrobe, create a brand new one, or have an event or vacation you need specific clothing for, help is on the way!